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ABUS alarm systems protect your home and help in an emergency

Thanks to intelligent software and hardware, alarm systems from ABUS are the ideal security manager for commercial and private use – whether for intrusion, fire, or other hazards. Statistics show that an alarm system is the best deterrence for three quarters of all potential intruders: more versatile than any mechanical safeguard, less corruptible than any watchdog.


Alarm systems from ABUS: Comprehensive security for your home


An alarm system from ABUS effectively protects your home against break-ins – especially in combination with good mechatronic basic security. But ABUS alarm systems do even more: They sound the alarm in case of fire and thus prevent fire damage, notify the appropriate authorities in case of medical emergencies or attacks and protect against technical damage by water.

Choose from four house alarm systems: The Privest wireless alarm system for self-installation, the Secvest wireless alarm system or the Terxon wired and hybrid alarm system.


Smartvest Funk-Alarmanlage

Smartvest wireless alarm system


The Smartvest wireless alarm system from ABUS is making security smart. Thanks to its reliable, all-encompassing security features and home auto functions it's a great place to start when modernising your home to take advantage of the multitude of smart home possibilities available today. All settings and operating functions are controlled via a  unique, innovative app – and all of the device's components and various cameras from the ABUS product range can be seamlessly integrated. more


Secvest wireless alarm system

Secvest wireless alarm system


The Secvest wireless alarm system is a complete danger detector system from ABUS. With up to 48 integrable wireless detectors and two wired zones, this alarm system offers ultimate flexibility and perfect comprehensive protection – whether for private or office use. Additional modules can be enhanced as required with additional communication channels (GSM, ISDN, network). Mechatronic detectors provide additional active protection against break-ins. Together with you, the Secvest is capable of reporting a break-in attempt while the intruder is still in the process of trying to pry open the window. more


Terxon wired and hybrid alarm systems

Terxon wired and hybrid alarm systems


Wired alarm systems from the Terxon series are perfect for new buildings, when laying cables is still no problem. You can choose between the small Terxon SX with eight wired zones and the Terxon MX hybrid alarm system with up to 32 alarm zones. The Terxon MX can additionally be outfitted with five components from the Secvest product family. more


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